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I have ten years experience of wildlife photography, to begin with most work was done underwater, but the last few years more and more work have been done above surface. If you have any ideas about interesting photo projects, let me know, I can be convinced to participate and photograph most things, as long as it's not portraits of people :)

Book Project & Cambodia

In 2006 on a visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia I got an idea about a book series. The book is a coffee table book that brings together wildlife, interesting places and odd facts about the place and "creatures" living there. The project is slowly but surely moving forward, and five trips to Cambodia later I'm still excited about going there again... Let me know if you are interested in the project, or just want to discuss travel in Cambodia...


Do you have an empty wall that you want to fill? We are always interested in setting up exhibitions or providing You with prints or canvases of the images seen on this website...


It all started 2003, before I went to Madagascar as volunteer in a Marine Conservation "Expedition". Before the trip all assistants where supposed to learn to identify some indicator species (fish and "coral"). I was then looking for online tools to help me practice my "fish id skills", but I could not find any. When I got back home I built my first prototype, just for my self... Today I have four different online tools (Image, Text, Hangman & Slideshow) with more then 1000 images of more then 400 species in different categories. This to help people practice their identification skills, or just play for fun :). Customized versions of the Quiz and Slideshow also exists, where it helps my clients to teach their users to id specific species or just as an interactive fun part of their web sites. Let me know if You could be interested in a customized version on you website...

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